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Aquatics, Badminton, Bowling, Climbing, Curling, Fitness & Lifestyle Centre, Gymnastics, Gymnasium, Running Track, Skating, Squash and Tennis.

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The Aquatics section offers variety of programs, including the Red Cross and Lifesaving Society programs, leadership, snorkeling, aquatic fitness, competitive and synchronized swimming programs, masters (16 and over) program, junior, intermediate and senior lifeguard club, and first aid.


The Deep Pool (Lap Pool) is a 6 lanes wide and 25 meters long basin. The depth varies from 1 meter at the shallow end to 4.2 meters at the deep end. Pool temperature is 28 degrees - perfect for lap swimming!  Swimmers can enjoy a "Tarzan rope" and inflatable Aquatrack which is usually scheduled on the weekends. The pool area is one of the busiest areas of the Club with many of our members using the facility on a weekly basis.


The Beach Pool (Leisure Pool), a multi-purpose pool featuring a beach like entry with depths varying from 12 inches to 5 feet. Features of this pool include a lazy river play area, a hot tub that accommodates 20 people, and four - 25 meter lanes for swimming and lessons. The pool's temperature is 29.5 degrees. With seating and lounging areas available on deck and on the outdoor patio, members can enjoy the panoramic view of the mountains.


The Water Park is an area of fun for all ages with various water features spread throughout including a large dump bucket and other features that users can manipulate. The Water Slide is also incorporated in this area. It stands 16 feet 2 inches in height with a length of 112 feet 5 inches and a 36 inch open flume at the bottom to receive riders.


The Calgary Winter Club has five badminton courts, all with hardwood floors and viewing areas both on the ground floor and upper level. The Club’s Badminton Professionals, Dave Humble & Jeff White, coordinate a variety of classes, lessons and events year round for all ages including singles and doubles ladders, cardio badminton, competitive juniors and drop in play.

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The Calgary Winter Club has ten convertible bowling lanes which can accommodate five-pin and ten-pin bowling. All ten lanes have adjustable bumpers that fill in the channels to help encourage younger bowlers. We also feature the very popular “Glow Bowling” with music and disco lights. The Bowling Centre can accommodate all calibers of bowlers, from beginners to local, provincial & national champions. Bowling shoes are offered at no charge. Please note that the CWC Bowling Centre can only be used by Club members, their guests and for approved corporate functions. The Bowling Centre is managed by Bowling Professional, Jim Channon.

The Curling Section at the Calgary Winter Club offers eight sheets of artificial ice, a private locker room for curlers, closed circuit TV system showing the away end of the ice with a newly renovated, stylish, comfortable and spacious viewing area. We are home to sixteen different leagues for curlers ages six to ninety-nine. The Calgary Winter Club also offers several clinics and lessons throughout the season where you have the opportunity to be instructed by certified coaches our very own Southern Alberta Curling Association Hall of Fame member, Bob McLay. Whether you are new to the game, or an experienced player, our curling section has a place for you.

The Calgary Winter Club’s Fitness Centre is proud to offer a wide variety of services to meet the exercise and wellness needs of our members. Whether it is a professionally designed program, a training session with one of our top notch Personal Trainers, or a high intensity drop-in class from our energized and friendly instructors, you can find the right fit for you. Connect with our Personal Training team and start on your path to a fitter and healthier lifestyle.

The Club’s fitness classes are held in one of our five studios, with dedicated Yoga, Pilates and Spin studios.  Our experienced team of 60+ instructors teach classes in TRX, Barre, Hot Yoga, Pilates/Reformer, Karate, Spin, Dance, Bootcamp and many other areas including classes specifically tailored for Older Adults. You’re sure to find a class that’s right for you! 

The Calgary Winter Club’s Gymnastics Centre is equipped with three adjustable balance beams, a carpet bonded foam floor, trampoline and a junior multi bars and rings circuit.

In addition, there are several other pieces to bounce, swing, roll and balance on including a mini-trampoline, pommel horse pod and a block tower (just to mention a few). Classes focus on learning proper basic gymnastic techniques that will help develop a strong athletic base. Gymnastics will help your child develop flexibility, coordination, agility and strength and is a great foundation for all sports. Our gymnastics classes start at the age of two with Mininastics (parented) and from there children can progress to programs such as Gym Tikes, Gym Tumblers, Gym Hot Shots, Recreational Cheerleading and Dance Acro.

The Gymnasium provides a tremendous amount of activities for our members to participate in including volleyball, basketball, soccer, dodgeball, pickleball and floor hockey. Plus there is plenty of “open gym” time so you can shoot hoops or add another dimension to your fitness regime.

Climbing Centre
The Climbing Centre offers nine different climbing routes to choose from, each with its own unique challenges and special features. The Club supplies the harness and all necessary equipment; all you have to do is Clip in and Climb on!  Utilizing the revolutionary “Clip ‘N Climb” system, we are able to offer an action-packed facility with individually-themed climbing challenges that provide healthy exciting fun for everyone ages five and up.
The CWC skating rink features an ice surface that measures 75x111 feet. We offer several registered and drop in ice activities including: Figure Skating, CanSkate, General Skating, Hockey, and Ringette. Our experienced and dedicated coaching team are passionate about providing fun and engaging programs for a variety of ages. The Skating department is led by our Head Professional - Figure Skating & CanSkate Programs, Heather Glassford and our Skating Manager, Kyle Pearen. 

The Calgary Winter Club has seven international singles courts and one doubles court, all glass back, including one exhibition court with glass side wall. All courts have viewing from behind the back wall and from above. Our squash professionals Glenn Stark and Ian Power offer lesson’s for players from the youngest of juniors to full time playing professionals. Our coaching team is on hand to provide something for everyone. No matter your age or playing level, we have a session for you!

The Calgary Winter Club Tennis Section has six hard surfaced indoor tennis courts. Our professional coaches offer several courses, classes and lessons for players of all ages and all abilities. Our tennis community is one of the most vibrant in the Club. It is a remarkable venue where members are able to play and hone their tennis skills in a fun and welcoming atmosphere.

Tennis for Youth - Our recreational youth tennis program starts at three years of age with Munchkins Tennis, where players learn how to track the ball and improve hand eye coordination all while playing fun games. The next level is Early Starters for select age groups between six to ten and then our recreational youth stream culminates with a program for players aged eleven and over.

The Club also offers a more committed stream for youth players, ages six to eight, who are ready for a twice a week half court program. There is also a three-quarter court program for players seven to nine years old and a full court program for very committed players under the age of ten.

Our elite program, for players aged eleven and over, provides training for tournament-level players seeking to improve their provincial ranking and hopefully earn a scholarship to play tennis at a post-secondary institution (in either Canada or the U.S) or continue in tennis as a lifelong activity.

Tennis for Adults - From beginner lessons, train and play programs to competitive singles and doubles leagues, we have something for every level of player. Our hugely popular Cardio Tennis program is a great way to get fit and have fun while improving your tennis game. Also our highly trained professionals are also available for private and group lessons, upon request.


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IF UNDER 18 YEARS OF AGE, PARENT OR GUARDIAN MUST READ AND SIGN BELOW: I am the legal guardian or responsible adult of the below minor and have read the above RELEASE. I hereby consent to the terms of the RELEASE on behalf of the named minor, and give my consent to the participation of the below named minor in all activities of the CWC on the terms stated.  


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